The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Six Flags over Georgia

As many of you know, the most recent Copeland Tour began on June 28th at Six Flags in Atlanta, GA. The company I work for (IKON Office Solutions) put on an employee appreciation day and treated us to a day at Six Flags. Grammie came over friday night to babysit the boys so Jennifer and I could get up at 5am to head to Six flags in hopes that we could arrive there in time for the gates to open. We were able to achieve that goal and as we arrived we hooked up with another co-worker and his buddy and went straight over to get in line for Goliath (pictured above). For those of you that like roller coasters, this is far and away the best one we have been on. It's a fairly new roller coaster that has probably been there for a couple years now. Since we got there early when the gates opened (which is the way to go!!), we were able to get on the ride within about 15 minutes AND we road in the very front! It starts off like the typical roller coaster, slowly ascending to 200 feet high, with a sweet view of the city at the top. Just as you soak that picture in, you begin the super fast (appx 70mph)fall down 200 feet and up and around and down and everywhere in between. Super super fun ride that got the adrenaline going and pretty much ruined us for the rest of the day.

Next we road Superman, which was a ride that I have wanted to try since it was built back around 2001...last time we were there it was a crazy wait for that ride. It was super good, it definitly makes you feel like you are flying. The only part that made me a bit nervous is that it swooped down towards concrete and gravel a couple of times and I was scared to death my long legs were going to be scraped to pieces!!

We also road a couple other rides before getting a little wiped out and dehydrated from the hot weather. I also paid $10 to get in a 3 point shooting game that I absolutely did terrible in. I made 1 shot out of 12....which is horrendous. I'm a decent long range shooter but it just wasn't my day for this and it was irritating especially since I was talking it up beforehand. Lucky for me, Jennifer didn't marry me for my amazing basketball skills ;o)

On a tragic note, in case you didn't see the news over that weekend, there was a death at the park that day at the Batman ride. This ride is up there with Goliath and previous to riding Goliath was my favorite ride. We were waiting in line for Batman for about an hour and a half and we were just about 10-15 minutes from getting on the ride when the line stopped moving and police were making there way through the line in an urgent fashion. There were a couple of Six Flags employees coming down through the line and although they didn't say anything, you could tell by the looks on their faces that something was not right. Apparently, a 17 year old boy and his friend were there as a part of a church group and hopped 2 six foot fences to grap a hat that had fallen off the roller coaster. One of the two boys got struck by the roller coaster and it killed him instantly. We didn't know all of this at the time and the park did a good job of evacuating the area. We learned what had happened later that night when we got to our hotel was a little eerie to say the least.


Lindsey Diane Rose said...

Glad you guys had a good time. Nothing like a theme park right?

Katina Angola said...

I bet it was so much fun!! Was it Toddler friendly?

Copeland Family said...

Toddler Friendly....Yes. They have a really nice section of the park that is Thomas & Friends with rides and such...good stuff for the little ones too!!


Tiara Jones said...

I heard the Batman ride is pretty good. Plan to go there next weekend. How much did you pay for Six Flags Over Georgia Tickets ? Any place to grab these cheaper ?