The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Friday, February 29, 2008

Building our Front Line

McCale, Bird, Parish….We’re building our basketball team starting with a strong front line. As many of you may know, when a boy turns 3 (2 for girls) you can measure them, double that amount, and it’s a pretty accurate representation of how tall they will be give or take an inch. When Draven was 3, he was 42 inches tall, which translates to 7ft tall. Brody measured out to be 40 inches tall, which translates to 6ft 8 inches tall. Looks like Draven will be our Center, and Brody will be our Power Forward, which is appropriate for Brody’s personality. He would rather run over someone as opposed to run around them. At this point, PJ is very close in size to what Draven was so we’ll see what he measures in a couple years…he may be the very first 7ft tall point guard. ;o) ~ Pierce

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pictures from Brody's Party

Brody Turns 3

Saturday, February 16th, Brody celebrated his 3rd birthday with a Thomas the Train birthday party. His Pop, Grammie, Grandpa, Nana, Uncle Bill, friend Brielle, friend Ally, and family were in attendance at the party. Before the party started Daddy brought home the train table that had been at Nana & Grandpa's house. The rest of the day it was difficult to tear Brody away from it! Luckily his guests were almost as interested in it as he was. The kids made Thomas doorhangers with their names on them, played with the trains, ate lunch, played with trains, and played with trains some more. I tried to get them to dance to If You're Happy, Chicken Dance, etc. but Brody started crying when I tried to get him to move away from the trains. I think he had fun though, and he has been playing with the train table almost non-stop since.
This morning he woke up before the other boys and immediately wanted to "go play trains." Pierce told him he could as long as he didn't push any of the sound buttons. He did as he was told, but I heard him in the LR making his own sounds-"toot, toot;" "here comes Thomas;" etc. Tomorrow we are going to have Brody's picture taken, and I'm going to measure him (we get to see how tall he's going to be when he grows up)! It will be interesting to see how close to Draven's measurements he is...

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