The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Next Stop-Birmingham

Well, with my surprise party on Sunday, we didn't leave for Birmingham until Monday. Pierce was going down there to help one of his former peers at IKON with opening a new site, and the boys and I went to visit friends and so we could just drive straight to Charleston from there-Pierce wouldn't have to come back to K-ville to pick us up. On Tuesday we met up with my friend Kelly and her 3 boys-Eli, Brandt, and Asher. We drove to the middle of nowhere and picked blueberries. It was more fun than I thought and really cheap. We paid $8 for over a gallon of organic blueberries. One funny and aggravating part was that Draven decided to be stubborn and not say he was sorry when he got in someone else's car and started playing around. So, he spent the first half of our time there sitting in the van until he said he was sorry. So, after blueberries, the owners drove us around the farm on a hay ride, and picked sunflowers for us. Then the boys fed a donkey and some sheep from their hands. It was very fun, and they enjoyed playing with old friends.

Wednesday we had to check out of the hotel so the boys and I went to the park and the mall just to waste time until Pierce finished working. The park was really fun and relaxing. That afternoon we drove to Augusta, GA and stayed with our friends Verina & Sam Scroggins. Sam was actually on call-he's a dental surgery intern-so we didn't see him. But again, the boys got to play with Scott and we got to see our old friends. We still miss the friends we had in B-ham. It was nice that we had a reason to see them again.


Deb said...

YUM! Blueberries!

Reconnecting with friends is always so much fun!

Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

I wish blueberries were grown in Utah!!!!

Lindsey Diane Rose said...

Looks Fun! That is so funny about Draven. Sometimes they are just so stubborn. I speak from experience!

S for Kitchen Confit said...

Those blueberries look great and fresh. Would be great for making a blueberry buckle or some muffins!