The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting Ready for DMB!

Jennifer has been really ready for a change of in preparation for our upcoming vacation to Charleston SC on July 3rd, we decided to have an all Dave Matthews Band playlist. We will be going to see them in concert on the 4th at the baseball stadium there (Joseph P. Riley Park). My sister lives in Charleston and we are going to spend a long weekend with her and her husband Mylin. If you like DMB's music, tell us your favorite song!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guess What We Bought Today...

Today I took the boys shopping for some new underwear. Draven needed it, and Brody just wanted it. We saw some boxer briefs on sale in the Sunday paper and Draven told me he thought he was old enough now to wear those instead of his tighty whities. He also thought it would be cool to be like Daddy! It seems that each time we purchase new underwear (at least for the boys), all of the "boys" in my family think it's cool to put it on their heads...we even have a picture of Jedi wearing underwear on his head somewhere. So, hopefully Pierce won't be too embarrassed that I'm sharing this cute tradition with you!

Happy 1st Birthday, PJ!

On Thursday, June 5th, PJ celebrated his first birthday. We went to Chuck E. Cheese's for Draven's soccer party that night, so technically PJ can say his awesome parents took him to Chuck E Cheese's for his first birthday! Then on Saturday we celebrated at home with our family. Grammie, Pop, Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Carol, & Uncle Bill joined us for dinner and cake. We had Asian Chicken Salad Wraps (one of our favorites and super easy) and two delicious cakes from Aunt Carol. She used to bake for several restaurants around Knoxville, and is a magnificent cook! Aunt Carol made PJ his own cake, just like she has for each of the other boys, and a Coffee Gonoche (spell?) for everyone else. PJ ate more cake than the other boys have, but he didn't dive into like we were hoping. None of the boys have, and we keep waiting for it! Like my mom says, "they're just too polite-" I guess. Then on Monday, Pop took us to Famous Dave's for PJ's birthday dinner-did you know Famous Dave's gives you a free meal for your birthday?! It was fun and our server was really cool. He brought out a big bowl of ice cream with hot fudge and Nesquik on top-YUM!

So, I'll take this opportunity to tell PJ how much I love him. He is such a fun boy and a wonderful addition to our little family. He loves to watch his brothers, and I even caught him learning something new from Brody today. Brody was showing PJ how to climb up a mat and then slide off the end at the gym today. They'd do it and then both laugh-I loved it. He's a constant thumb sucker which may be an issue in a year or two, but right now just makes him more adorable. He still lets me love him, and I'm trying to treasure each hug and snuggle because they leave so quickly. PJ, you are amazing and beautiful. I love you.

The Hulk

Last week we went out on our first double date in about 3 years. We went to see the new Narnia movie with the Roses'. We had lots of fun, and one of the funnest things was this gigantic statue of The Hulk. Pierce is really excited about the movie, and we're going to see it Friday night. Hopefully I'll get something for going to see all these fun "guy" movies, because "You won't like me when I'm angry!"

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tagged by Deb

My friend, Deb, tagged me the other it's your turn!

How To Play This Game of Tag: Post these rules on your blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at theend of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog!

3 joys:
1. Pierce
2. The boys
3. Me time

3 fears:
1. Outliving my children
2. Losing my husband
3. Not being a good Mom

3 goals:
1. Lose weight
2. Finish college
3. A home in a better school district

3 current obsessions/collections:
1. Craft stuff
2. Teacups
3. Blogging (or so my husband says)

3 random surprising facts about me:
1. I love exercising-never thought I'd say that.
2. I broke my back when Draven was 6 months old and we had just moved.
3. My kids are all 2 years and 3 1/2 months apart in age.

I tag. . .
Alice, Laura, Lindsey, Kristin!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our New Garden

Two weeks ago, before we left for our vacation, we replanted our front garden. It used to be shaped like a thin rectangle across the front of the house, and the only things in it were rosemary and weeds! We started on Monday and worked all week to finish it before we left. We reshaped it to be a half circle, dug out the grass in the new area, pulled all the old railroad ties out, moved the dirt around so it wasn't so high on the far side, and planted all new bushes and flowers. It took forever, but it was fun to do. The boys helped and because Pierce was really busy with work and school I ended up doing some of the heavy stuff myself. It made me feel big and strong and tough; I liked that too! My dad really helped out too, coming over 4 days in a row and letting us borrow his truck-that was the boys' favorite part! The bushes are burning bushes and something I can't pronounce or spell, but that look really cool. We also planted knock-out rose bushes, yellow daisies, and a Yoshimo Cherry Tree in the middle. Along the front we have Lamb's Ear, Columbine, and some purple flowers. We also planted Crocus bulbs, irises, and daffodils. Those won't come up until next year, but I think it still looks good even without them! All the plants are perennials so we won't have to plant anything else, just weed like crazy.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Coming Home

Cute bottom chasing ducks
Saturday was our final day of vacation. I was really trying to convince Pierce to stay another night, but no such luck. I was excited to get home, but at the same time I was having so much fun just being with our family and away from our daily responsibilities. The last night, Friday, Pierce and I made s'mores again after we put the boys to bed. Then we sat by the fire and just talked; about the boys, our vacation, all the things going on in our lives right now. I think that was my favorite part of the whole trip. Pierce and I talk and communicate really well, but that night was just better.

Each of us has a different favorite part of the trip so here's the list:
Pierce-the Caverns
Me-the last night
Draven-the Cavern & the Waterpark
Brody-the swirly slide (at the waterpark)
PJ-I think he liked chasing the ducks the best.

PJ also learned a new phrase on our trip; "Jedi says woof, woof." No one can understand him except the family because his version sounds more like "Dadi, puff puff."

PJ & Pop at Reunion
On our way home we detoured through Chattanooga for a small family reunion. We met at Riverpark and had a picnic and let the kids play. The reunion was for my paternal grandmother and her sister's children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. My grandmother had 7 kids (only 3 were represented) and her sister, Marguerite, had 4 so there were quite a few of us there. It was the first time I had met most of Aunt Marguerite's family. We also visited my great-Aunt Louise. She is 89 and living in a nursing home, so it was good to see her again.