The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Brody's 1st Trip to the Dentist

This is the 3rd post of the night, so be sure to read to the end-our anniversary vacation-there are a few pretty pictures to see!

Also last week, Draven, Brody, and I went to the dentist. Draven has been before, but this was Brody's first time. Brody is pretty outgoing and tries new things easily, so I didn't do a lot of lead-up for him. I mentioned it over breakfast that morning when he asked "what [he had] to get dressed for"-his words. When we got there, he got a little stage fright, but when I showed him the prize box, he jumped in the seat! He did really great, and did just what the technician told him too. He was even the first to see the dentist. I'm proud of you, My Brody!

The 1st Day of School

Our little man had his first day of school last Tuesday, August 12th. He was very apprehensive leading up to this day-he gets very uptight when faced with new things, but he did great! The whole family, including Dad, piled in the car and drove the 1 1/2 minute ride to school. Draven had his new Spiderman backpack, his new Hulk lunchbox, had on one of his favorite shirts (What Time is Recess?), and his Teddy-as requested by the teacher. I walked him in to school, where we had to wait in the gym without talking until the 7:40 bell rang. We found our way down the hall, and into Mrs. Knight's classroom. Draven had gone with Grammie to a "meet the teacher" night while we were at the beach, so he was able to show me where to go. All of the parents stayed for a couple of minutes while the kids got settled playing with Playdough. When it was time to leave, Draven started getting a little weepy and clingy, but the teacher got his attention by asking him what he was making with his playdough-it was smooth sailing from there. He told me that they watched the Corduroy movie and then went looking for Corduroy's button in all the important places-the bathroom, the hall, the cafeteria. He is going to staggered start days for two weeks, so there were only 5 children in the class, Draven and 4 girls. He made a new friend, Teagan. They gave each other a hug and played legos together. Tomorrow we go for a 30 minute literacy testing session, and then again for school on Tuesday. By the way-I haven't cried yet. I think I probably will, but not yet. I'm feeling quite a bit of relief right now!
As a side note-Draven wanted that picture taken there, in front of the tv, because he said it would be like he was in a movie!?

The Newlyweds

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, Pierce and I went on a trip to Panama City Beach. The last time we were there was on our honeymoon, 10 years ago. Our parents watched the children (including the 10 yr. old dog) for a whole week while we were gone. It was wonderful! We rented a convertable Sebring, spent some time reliving old times, and spent a lot of time just hanging around. Some of the fun things we did included snorkling, going to a waterpark, building a sandcastle, and eating on the beach at some fun restaurants. Of course, the best part of the beach for me is the beauty of it. The sunsets, the sound of the waves all night, the feel of the sand as it exfoliates your feet, the smell of the saltwater, the taste of good seafood. I just love it. And I loved being there with my wonderful man. Before we left, Pierce bought me the new Stephanie Meyer book, Breaking Dawn, so I spent every spare moment reading it for the first few days. Then, the first morning we were there we got a call on the room phone saying that I had a delivery at the front desk. So, I got dressed (it was only like 11:00) and went to get "my delivery." Pierce had flowers sent to the hotel-a dozen roses and six callalilies. Callalilies were the main flower from our wedding-isn't he the best! This vacation was a great time for us. We got to be together and make another memory to cherish.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy 10th Anniversary

Today Pierce and I celebrate our 10th Anniversary. I love Pierce with all my heart, and I can't believe we have been married this long. Except for the 3 kids, it feels like we are still newlyweds to me. He is a wonderful husband, and I can say without a doubt that Heavenly Father helped us find each other. One thing that Pierce does that makes me love him more every day is the way he is with our children. He is firm, but loving, and he can also be so silly with them. I can't wait to see our boys grow up to be just like him. I tell Pierce sometimes that he's not allowed to die before I do, because I could never find anyone as perfect for me as he is. Pierce I love you, and I can't wait to share the rest of our lives together!

Shaking the Cosmos

We have been practicing for school the last week or so, and I have found that Draven is not going to be the problem in the morning. It will be me. I love to sleep in or at least laze around for an hour or so. But I have been trying and last night I made all the boys' lunches like I will be when school starts-event #1. Then, this morning I woke up on time-event #2, then I made a nice hot breakfast for my family-event #3. Well, those three events, all in one day, apparently started the world shaking because as I was finishing up the eggs there was a loud crash that shook the house. I looked in the living room-everything in order, then as I was turning around I looked out the glass door that leads to the deck and noticed tree debris. As my eyes moved upward I saw a tree laying on the corner of our house and on our new deck! A huge tree from our neighbor's backyard fell diagonally between our two houses. I can't believe it didn't just level his house, but everyone was blessed that it only did minor damage. Do you think I can use this as a reason why Pierce needs to get up and make breakfast in the morning?! :D