The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tell us your Favorite 80's song(s)

What is your favorite song or songs from the 80's? You'll notice, we've been having all kinds of fun customizing our blog and would like some feedback from you. I currently have an 80's playlist I created for our blog if you have your sound on. Those are some of my favorite songs and now I want to hear some of yours to add to it.

Some of my favorite songs are from the 80's and they always remind me of the fun times growing up, playing with GIJOE, Transformers, wearing those parachute pants, and pestering my big sister. I always wanted one of those Michael Jackson zipper jackets like he wore in the video "Beat it".....never got one of those. Tell us some of your favorite songs from that wonderful decade. ~ Pierce


Alice Wills Gold said...

This pic. makes me think of one very favorite: Time after Time!

Anonymous said... bout "Don't Dream It's Over"....the song that goes..."hey now..hey now...don't dream it's over"
by Crowded House

Yes, I just sang to you guys...fantastic

Copeland Family said...

Yess...Crowded House and Time after Time, 2 great songs! I already have Time on the playlist, but will need to add some Crowded House. I'm also going to add Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry, Be Happy." Love that song, reminds me of the days me and my parents would take a road trip to Mobile, AL to see my Grandparents...good times. I would lay down in the back of the station wagon we used to have...this was before the seatbelt, I'm getting old.

Lindsey Diane Rose said...

I have to say that "Toy Soldier" is one of my favorites I am not sure who sings it, but I love it! I love the 80's

Deb said...

The 80's. Love the 80's!

REO Speedwagon, Chicago, Journey. . .(are those 80's or were they 70's? I grew up in Idaho and we were always a few years (decades!) behind!).

Jenn - how did your singing time go? I have another idea listed on my blog if you want to stop by - it's super easy and lots of fun! Thanks for your kind comment about singing time ideas. Singing time is one of my favorite church callings - too bad it's not really mine right now. . .:O)

Laura said...

So the 80's wasn't exactly my generations but I have to second Alice on Time after Time. Also, I just love Come On Ilene! I love that song!

Lynn said...

Did I have a radio in the 80's? I don't it worked or something but I'll try to remember. Surely I like ONE song. How 'bout a little Elvis for those of us who remember him? You could try appealing to ALL your friends & family you know.