The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brotherly Love

Most of the time, when I think of Draven & Brody's relationship, I would call it Love/Hate. They love to hate each other; but today I have gotten to see the love side twice. I think it bears noting!
This afternoon when we got home from the park Draven wanted to finish his soccer treat (the snacks he got after the game). So I told him if he was going to eat it right then, with Brody right there, he would have to share. He said ok. So, they were standing at the table, sharing a rice krispy treat, when Brody said, "Draven, I love you." Then he leaned over and gave him a hug. It wasn't silly or dramatic, just simple and sweet.
Then, tonight I put them to bed early because we had been to the park, played in the sandbox outside, had two neighbor boys over, and they were so wired that they were making me crazy! As I was doing the dishes I noticed that they were still talking a lot, so I went to their room to tell them to be quiet. When I walked in Brody & Draven were up on Draven's top bunk getting ready to go to sleep. I told Brody to go to his bunk. A couple minutes later they were still talking. Usually by this point, oh yeah they got up once too, I would be pretty upset and near the yelling stage, but today is a good day...So, I walked in the room and Brody & Draven are in Brody's bed. When I told them they were nearing the end of my patience, and Draven needed to get in his own bed right now, Draven said, "But, I just want some time with Brody." What could I say? I gave them 10 minutes to be asleep.


Lindsey Diane Rose said...

That is so sweet. They really are good boys, and I love that Brielle loves them. She told me today that Brody said she was his best friend! How cute! I am so glad they are good buddies.

Copeland Family said...

Brody has a best friend! That is sooo cute! But wait...I thought I was his best friend!?

Alice Wills Gold said...

gotta tell you - i am loving the 80's songs right now.

I love it when siblings are sweet to each cute.

You are a better mom than me, I would have probably lost my patience and seperated them completely, sending one to exile in my room....maybe you will make me think twice next time....MAYBE I will be able to be a more fun mom!

Mom said...
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Mom said...

The eighty's songs are great - bringing back memories of our summer outings to Norris Park and swimming pool. You were't much older than Draven.

Now you're making memories with your boy's to cherish.

Keep up the good work! It won't be any time before you'll be reaching up to Draven for a hug.

Lynn said...

I agree w/ Nana ... it hurts to think how quickly our kids grow up. We're always so busy getting thru each day - even the good days are so busy - that we forget to cherish individual moments. I'm so glad you are writing all this stuff down. 1 - I get to see it & 2 - more importantly, they will get to see it & remember. These moments will be wonderful for them!