The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Draven Stakes His Claim

A couple of days ago Draven asked for a piece of paper and a pen, so I gave it to him. He's always writing something down-usually a list of movies he wants to see, has seen, etc. So, then he asked if he could have some tape; I asked why. He didn't want to tell me, but I gave it to him and kept an eye on him. He went over to his toy box and put this sign on it. If you can't read it, it says, "Keep Out, My Toy Box." He said that in the Little Critter books (some of our favorites), Little Critter has a sign like that on his door, but it says "My Room" instead of "My Toy Box." We agreed that the toy box belongs to Brody too, and when PJ gets older he can look in there too; it's only Mommy, Daddy, and any other big people that are not allowed.


Lindsey Diane Rose said...

Ohh he is way to smart! i love it. I really think he must be 10 years old. How creative. I will remember not to look inside next time we are over!

Deb said...

Dang those grown-ups getting in the toy box and messing everything up! :O)

Kids crack me up!

Lynn said...

Oh, my, sweet little boy! He boggles my mind! What will be left for him to learn in Kindergarten? Kissing girls in the cloak room???

Laura said...


Copeland Family said...

No kissing girls allowed for atleast 20 more years! :)