The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Sunday, April 6, 2008


So we took the fam to Dollywood for the first time this year. We all have season passes so our goal is to go once a month. This time around, Quentin and Grammie joined us for a cloudy and semi-wet day in Dollyland. We forgot the camera so unfortunately we don't have any pictures to share :o( We had fun riding the rides with the boys...they love the flying elephants and the teapots. I rode the farris wheel with them and Brody loved it but Draven wasn't too sure. First of all, he read the many posted signs that you are not supposed to rock your seat. So anytime I moved and rocked the seat at all, he was sure to remind me of that. He also didn't like it when it went up high and started coming back down...I think he has inherited my fear of heights. The funny thing about this whole story is that when Draven started to freak out a little, Brody would lean over and look at him and tell him..."Just hold on to this Draven." while showing him the brace that had us locked in.

Me, Quentin, and Jennifer got to ride Mystery Mine together and it was lots of fun. Then Quentin and I road Thunderhead...I had forgotten how fast that ride is. I love it, but it still freaks me out a little because it is a wooden rollercoaster. We're all looking forward to going again when we can ride some of the wet rides. RiverBattle looks like lots of fun, but it was a little too cold for that one this time around. ~ Pierce


Alice Wills Gold said...

ew...I hate heights and I have to close my eyes on the tea cups...ahhh, I am sick just thinking about is so hard to get old.

Lynn said...

Alice doesn't know from old!

I had a great time that's for sure. I didn't even mind the wet. Memories!

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