The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This Time In Our Lives

On Sunday I wanted to post about a fun day I had with the boys, but didn't get around to it. Then today I read two other posts about similar topics-from Laura & Notes from the Trenches (careful, this one cusses) and I decided to write my story anyway...

Last Friday I had so many things I wanted to get done-shopping for new shoes, PJ's first hair cut, cleaning the house, exercising, cooking a good dinner, etc., etc. So, we started out bright & early. By the time we got to the mall it was time to eat. We ate at Chick fil A and Draven was soo big! He threw the trash away, went to get straws by himself, and helped keep PJ happy. Then we went to get shoes for PJ. Yes, I'm a sucker for Stride Rite shoes when they're learning to walk... It must have been a good day because I had fun watching the boys run around the mall, twirling around, running in front of the stroller. We even dropped pennies in the fountain-twice. After shoes we stopped at Godiva Chocolate for a sweet treat! Three pieces of chocolate for $5.50. It was ridiculous, but the boys enjoyed it. Then I let them run around some more. Usually I'm way to focused on what needs to be done next to waste this much time, but it was fun!

On the way home we heard "My Green Kite" which is one of the boy's favorite songs. So, we decided to go fly our kite instead of cleaning. We never really got it going, but the boys had fun being outside.

What impressed me the most in this is how much fun it was to play with my boys. How often do we remember what a blessing it is to be a kid again with our kids? Since then, when I see the boys playing, I'm reminded of Friday and what fun my boys are. It helps me be more patient.


Alice Wills Gold said...

Isn't is amazing how much fun we can have with our kids when we let go of all that darn responsibility? And it never hurts to spend a little money.

Lynn said...

Yeah. I agree w/ Alice! $5.50 for chocolate. That's my kind of treat! HOWEVER, this totally made me cry because you are such a sweet Mommy, your boys are so sweet, & I miss my little boys & girl. Why can't we go back just once in a while? "Go fly a kite" takes on a whole new meaning when you can be a "child". I love you guys!