The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 4: Operation Rescue Teddy

On Wednesday night, Brody had discovered that Teddy was missing. Teddy pretty much goes everywhere with Brody, however he especially wants him around a bedtime. We came to the conclusion that the last time we had Teddy was at the cave. Jennifer called the next morning and the staff confirmed that Teddy was indeed at Cumberland Caverns. Jennifer and the boys set out for Operation Rescue Teddy. While Jennifer and the boys set out on this important mission, I stayed back at the camp to study for my Economics exam that has been making me a bit nervous. Needless to say, Teddy was indeed rescued and the trip was well worth the 1.5 hour round trip. Brody is comforted to know that Teddy is not lost in the dark cave alone.

Later in the day, Jennifer and the boys also went to a local recreation center that has a really cool water park. We were very impressed with how nice it was for a public recreation center. It was only $11 for Jennifer and the boys to use the facility and the water park had all kinds of fun. It had a water fort with slides, water guns, and water pretty much spraying in every direction. It also had a lazy river to float through along with a beach that had water spraying up as well. The best part of this park was probably that it was very much designed for little kids as the deepest part of the whole park was only 3.5 feet deep....the majority of it was 2-3 feet deep so Brody could walk around without us having to carry him. Draven was in heaven and Brody had a great time as well although it took him a while to build up enough courage to slide down the slides on the fort. Just before they left he finally built up the courage to take the journey down the slide and he was SOOOO proud of himself. All I heard about when they came home was that he went down the slide all by himself!!


Anonymous said...

This is so great. Wish we could have taken you and Melana camping when you guys were little. Oh well, now you can experience all this wonder with your fantastic family.

PS Glad you're all home, we miss you!!!

Alice Wills Gold said...

What mothers do for the love of animals.

Lindsey Diane Rose said...

That is the coolest water park and I am soo glad you found teddy. I agree with Alice, we spent an hour in the grocery store once after I had loaded the groceries in the car to llok for Brielle's ducky!