The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Mom's Wedding

Way back in March my mom got married to Pete. I have been waiting to blog about it until I had some better pictures to show you, but I haven't gotten any yet (hint, hint), so I'll atleast tell you a little bit and may have to do an update if I ever get to see any pictures from the ceremony :(

In January, when she was in Indiana for New Year's, my mom got engaged to Pete. They were planning to wait a little while to get all the "stuff" worked out, but then in February, they decided to just do it. Four weeks later, they were married in the chapel in Farragut where my mom attends church. Her bishop married them, Pete's son-Doug-was the Best Man and I was my mom's Matron of Honor. Everything was very simple, but mom did a nice job of making it beautiful. Almost all of Pete's 8 living siblings were there, and my brother and his wife, Jason and Kristin, and my nephew, Quentin, were there. Mom's sister, Dale, and her two children came down from Pennsylvania, and Auntie Dale made the wedding cake! I don't really know how many friends came, but I know we were busting out of the reception room!

The week before the wedding her friend, Carol, and I threw her a bridal shower. My mom has lived and worked in Knoxville for over 25 years so she had friends there from many different areas of her life. We called the shower a "Pamper Me Shower" since my mom and Pete already have most of the "house" stuff a person could ever need. So, everyone brought lotions, jewelry, manicure gift certificates and things like that. Even though Carol got lost picking her up, my mom finally arrived and I think everyone had a fun time.

The weekend after they were married, my mom moved to Indiana. I miss her being here, but we have cell phones and she and Pete got Pierce and webcam for graduation, so it can almost be like they are here!

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Lynn said...

And we're going to set up that webcam ... when???? How 'bout SOON! I'll send pix. I got them from the photographer. Could a mother have a better daughter? Nah! I can't stop saying ... you're the best! Love ya bunches, M