The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Sunday, July 19, 2009

4th of July

Our family headed up to Brazil, Indiana to celebrate July 4th this year. You may remember that my Mom moved there when she married Pete. Pete is one of 12 children, so when they throw a party it's a big deal. We had a lot of fun and did all the small town, 4th of July, things you can imagine...we started with a garage sale, touring the covered bridges in the area, a carnival, and birthday celebration for 3 at Pete's brother's house on Friday. Saturday we journeyed to the Volunteer Fire House Pancake Breakfast before cooking and heading to the park for the big family bar-b-que and picnic. After dinner we played with sparklers and put the boys to bed before the fireworks started. They were so tired that they didn't wake up, even though the neighbor across the street put on a 30 minute show! Sunday was church, and Monday we headed back home after breakfast at the Sunrise Restaurant (Pete's favorite)! All in all it was really fun and really exhausting!

Saturday was the family picnic, and we brought our patriotic shirts, red and blue sunglasses, and glittery temporary tattoo to wear. What can I say, they told us there was a prize for the most patriotic! The big downer of the day was the fact that it was about 68 degrees and raining the entire day. The adults were freezing, but the kids didn't even notice; they took off their shirts and shoes and played on the water slide and with the water guns all afternoon. One big highlight was the wagon Pete made to drive the kids around. He spent a lot of time designing and building it, and I have to say I was impressed! He even drove an two hours on Friday to buy a riding lawn mower strong enough to pull it. I hope you can see in the pictures how nice it was.


Deb said...

Don't you love small town 4th of July celebrations?!

Katy Beth said...

Love it! Sounds like a blast!