The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The First Day of 1st Grade

Ok, so 2 months ago we were so excited because Draven was starting Kindergarten. Well, that was before he amazed all of his teachers, principal, and reading and math specialists. So, today my baby boy started 1st grade. I think I'm having a harder time with this than I did with the first day in August! We are so proud of him, but it's still hard.

This was a very hard decision for Pierce and me, because we don't want him to feel overwhelmed, or upset down the line because he is the youngest in his class. Luckily his birthday is the first of November so he'll only be the youngest by a month or so. Finally we decided that he is far enough ahead of the other students in kindergarten that he's going to get bored quickly, and he needs the stimulation from learning new things to keep him interested. I was worried that he was going to be upset or stressed by this change, but he seemed pretty excited. We told him that when Daddy does really well at work that he sometimes gets promoted, and because Draven was doing so well, he was getting promoted. He seemed to like that. My dad and I took the boys to Chuck E Cheese's last night for dinner to celebrate-that may have helped with the excitement! They just had school pictures done this week. I think that's the reason for the cool guy pose!

Good luck Draven-we think you are super-duper little trooper! We love you.


Lindsey Rose said...

Hooray for Draven! I am glad he is excited about it, he will do great! Keep me posted on how things are going.

Alice Wills Gold said...

He is such a smartie. And his B-day is only 1 day away from mine, and so I will be able to relate to him being the younger one in the class.

Beveridge Blab said...

Way to go Draven!

Katina Angola said...

Good Job Draven!!!!