The Copeland Family

The Copeland Family

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Swim Lessons

Thanks to the generosity of Aunt Carol, Draven and Brody have been participating in swim lessons at the YMCA in Halls for the last four weeks. We started the season with a trip to Target for new Spiderman 3 swim trunks for Draven and a new "Cars" beach towel for Brody. After that they were ready to swim and proceeded to remind me of that fact several times before the first lesson arrived one day later! Every Tuesday & Thursday Aunt Carol or I would drive them there for their 30 minute lesson. By the end of the lessons they knew how to kick, hold their breath, make bubbles in the water, and swim on their backs. They successfully became "Pikes" and are ready to be "Eels!"

One thing that made the experience more "exciting" for me was the fact that the lessons ended at 5:45, and on Thursdays Draven had to be at soccer practice at 6:30-all the way back near our house. So, we'd rush back to the locker room, change clothes, eat a dinner of sandwiches, chips, and carrots in the car, and make it to the field just in time. phew...I guess the madness of 3 active boys has begun!


Abigail, Sophia and Bell Gold said...

Oh...I am so jealous about kids need swim lessons SO badly...someday we can splurge to pay for them! Every kid needs to know how to swim!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Let's try this again to see if it says my name..I just started a blog for the kids.